About Us

​​Our mission is to digitize the ​
Worlds Underground I

​Subterra (Subterra AI) was founded in mid 2018 by underground 3D mapping expert Robert Lee wanting to solving his own problem. He wanted to remove himself walking through waste deep sewage. Robert walked many miles with his specialised 3D mapping system helping local governments inspect the condition of critical sewer pipes in a more objective way.


Robert waste deep in raw sewage 3D mapping


The mapping system evolved to a floating system


Confined spaces taking a toll


Then to an autonomous system

The people that make up Subterra are explorers at heart and aspire to be amongst the greats like Charles Darwin, Neil Armstrong and Sir Edmund Hillary while being the leaders in robotics, mapping, and asset management. SubterraAI is building solutions to inspect, learn and manage the infrastructure others deem too hard to inspect or too dangerous to venture into. Meet the exploration team here.

Currently, Subterra has identified that sewers are the arteries of a city and without them functioning properly a city will get sick and ultimately fail. Sewage will pollute where we live and make us sick by tainting our food and water, sewer rates will be higher and sickness and disease will be more prevalent and widespread. Sewers across the globe were installed a long time ago and are reaching their end of life, yet they are still being used like they were installed yesterday. 

We are now living in an era of replacement and it has come to light that there is a massive funding gap meaning cities do not have enough money to repair or replace the aging network. And to make things worse, cities don’t have the means to identify and prioritize what gets replaced using current technologies. Failure is inevitable. 



  1. We are building a company to automate inspections, predict modes of failure and prioritize where repairs or replacements are actually needed by building objective digital twins.

  2. We are utilizing the latest advances in the Internet of Things, drone technology, computer vision, AI, cloud hosting and 5G technologies to manage the Subterranean infrastructure in collaboration with cities across the globe.

  3. We aim to turn cities into proactive and preventative organizations that better optimize their funding to provide better services to the community while protecting the environment.

Come on a journey deep underground with Subterra and contact us at