Clean, Screen, Prioritise

At the core of SubterraAI's offering is our cloud based platform Terralytics™ that stores, manages, processes and analyzes video inspections from all types of inspection systems.

Our client, Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSD) is utilizing the platform to store and manage their sewer cleaning video inspections. One benefit of using Terralytics™ is the ability to rapidly screen sewers using cleaning videos. Just to make it clear though, this practice is in no way replacing traditional CCTV inspections, it is a way to establish large baseline surveys to then prioritize where CCTV is conducted.

Utilizing SubterraAI's services via their Terralytics™ platform MSD is alerted to any serious defect that is identified while screening the cleaning video by a certified professionals.

"On the first trial of our screening technology we picked up a serious defect and alerted the owner straight away. We were able to tag the defect and share it via our cloud platform Terralytics™ with a few clicks of a button." SubterraAI's CEO Robert Lee

Figure 1: Hole defect being identified while screening cleaning videos

The defect was initially missed by cleaning operators and in-house staff due to the speed of the video. Utilising Terralytics unique viewing controls and tools defects that would otherwise go undetected are now being detected.

MSD were alerted of the hole within the pipe which was found just as the camera was being pulled from within the pipe. MSD took action and prioritized their CCTV crew to take a more detailed look and soon found the issue. Luckily the defect had not worsened and now remediation steps are being taken all thanks to Terralytics™ screening tool that can be used on cleaning camera footage.

"The hole seems similar in size, but definitely an awesome catch!" Todd Trabert from MSD

Figure 2: MSD CCTV footage of the hole identified in the initial screening