Tricky deployment at MWRDGC

Earlier this month SubterraAI successfully deployed their SewerScout™ and VScout™ with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD).

Both deployments were tricky with the access manhole being made up of a triple chamber with each chamber opening being slightly offset with the one previous.

Figure 1: 3D Point Cloud of Access Chamber

The first system to be deployed was the VScout™ down to a depth of 24ft through a multi-chamber manhole. The system was lowered down using SubterraAI's winching system and performed in under 5 minutes with a live feed of the survey being shown to officials from MWRD and Chicago City.

The second deployment included the both the Dummy Scout and SewerScout™. The deployment of both scouts was tricky as the main sewer line was offset form the entry point. Both the dummy and the SewerScout™ were remotely deployed onto a shallow bench with both sliding into the flow (see below).

Figure 2: Top down of the SewerScout™ being deployed

The mission was a success with the SewerScout™ capturing approximately 3,000LF of large diameter sewer video that was then uploaded to SubterraAI's Terralytics™ platform for further analysis and inspection.